About this Blog

The Title

I had an uninspiring assignment to finish – one that the teacher was guaranteed to not read, but it made up thirty five per cent of my score. I was bored and I had recently mucked around with a different blog on WordPress for a certain school-level initiative. Voila, the impulse kicked in and the title just came to me naturally.

The tagline, on the other hand, is a little more personal. I’ve always felt more than a little … unhappy … around people, and a part of this is because I am far from normal in their eyes. I didn’t think twice before labelling myself bizarre. (I also happen to prefer it to the term ‘weird’ because of my Francophilia.)

Why the Blog

I was reading an article on this YouTuber called Superwoman that told me how she started making funny YouTube videos to battle depression … and something clicked. I often feel like a burden when I vent to people I love, but on the other hand I have so much to say, so … online is as good a place as any, I guess. Whenever possible, I try to translate my angst into fiction/poetry to take the edge off it – very therapeutic, creating something beautiful (?) from your worst parts. I also wanted to vent political stuff, but views are nebulous and still being formed and I keep revising them everyday so … here, where my name will not stick to them.

About Me

I’m twenty. I’m a law student. I like to write and read obsessively, as long as it doesn’t form part of my syllabus. I hate my course with vigour and passion, but I’m hoping to “make a difference” with it someday, so I’m sticking it out.

Oh, and I am happier (sort of) than when I started writing this blog. 🙂