Storytelling Through Sticky Notes [NaPoWriMo 5/30]

Side B, Room 292

Canary yellow, centre-left, big bold letters:

Call. Your. Parents.

Above that, also canary yellow

The dates and times for her medication

Which she is oblivious to except when her cough gets worse

(Which it always does, given she gulps down cold water)

A little further to the left, green-canary yellow-green

Project topics –

The first she ever failed.

At age 28, JKR was a suicidal single parent living on welfare.”

today i went to church for the first time in 9 yrs

i prayed i could be stronger not that things could be easier

Looking at these makes things easier.

Right above the desk

The latest time table

Chaining her to her six day workweek

Two poems on God against bright blue

And a quote from the Bible

Over which her eyes easily pass.

Sometimes, she longs for her old self.

Other times, she sees contempt.

Side A, Room 292

Five paper notes complete with

Pre-printed inspiration and flowery borders.

Red writing.

The content?


This one doesn’t bare her secrets for the world.

This one was a little rushed because I had an interview to give and a deadline to meet, so I could only devote an hour. Wrote about the first thing I laid eyes on just so that I wouldn’t break my streak.

On a side note, I’ve a new ‘Moods’ page now, which is basically a fancy way of advertising stuff I like. You might like to have a look.

Featured image in the public domain, available here.


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