What an exciting world we live in! [NaPoWriMo 4/30]

ironing my suit for tomorrow

children in Syria cannot breathe

preparing a list of lies to make myself a palatable hire

workers dismissed in college for daring to call themselves human

read up on securities as if my life depended on it

a boy vlogged about bacon pasta live before taking the leap

memorize male names I will soon forget

when I backtracked in the dark last night, her name was on my lips

recycle stale answers about yourself that HR will put through a paper shredder

give up your privacy to enter the States, land of the free

tomorrow is a holiday

holy ground erected on the grave of another, as always

petty wordless fight over who needs to shut the door

fuck off migrants, you deserve us bombing your countries

everything is normal.

the world is on the cusp of burning to a crisp.

APOBI is taking the “National” Poetry Month challenge! (Yes, in spite of law school and her long hiatus.) Follow her to see how far she succeeds in writing thirty poems in thirty days.

Today’s prompt was taken from here. Photograph by Clem Onojeghuo on StockSnap.io.


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