Stephanian Critic [NaPoWriMo 3/30]

once a blue braid

now tortoiseshell frames perched on aquiline nose

regal half-smile half-smirk

laughter at the morbid.

spins straw into gold

but believes it is silver.


mind like a maze

you could get lost in

and never want to leave

because it’s like the upside down

except wonder thrives there  instead of death

a curiosity that spills over to our world

and ravages it

dissatisfied as she is with the course of things.


her heart beats marx

her lips sing of women

her fingers rough from being slapped against steel

to sound out notes.


her dil, her ishq

like the ishq of nearly every woman

eternally unable to appreciate her wonders

possibly critical of the precious body he holds

because he is afraid

always afraid of being swallowed up by her

so he puts her down.

(may all those ishqs find peace in narak).


fine as a surgeon’s needle

her mind pierces through the layers people wear

her fingers relegate them to paper

precise expression

not digestible by all

but precise, and true.


and I am an audience for these

a bewildered audience

shaken, often, to her core

by the Stephanian critic’s musings.

APOBI is taking the “National” Poetry Month challenge! (Yes, in spite of law school and her long hiatus.) Follow her to see how far she succeeds in writing thirty poems in thirty days.

Today’s prompt was an old friend of hers. This unrelated but adorable picture was taken by Octavio Fossatti on




8 thoughts on “Stephanian Critic [NaPoWriMo 3/30]

  1. Wow!
    That was one deep poem you have there. You can decipher the poem to come up with so many different meanings (Love that!)
    Great blog!
    Come stop by mine?


      1. Well… I guess we just have different opinions then, but thats not bad! In fact having same opinions? Thats whats boring! 😏


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