Things That Will Be Done, Just Not Now [NaPoWriMo 1/30]

The laundry.

The research I have been sitting on

For three and a half days

Telling myself it was okay to read up on Marxist feminism instead

Because I was still learning something, and that is the point. Right?

Editing my CV.

Scouting for things that would look good on my CV.

Getting down to actually doing those things while

Silencing the voice that tells me otherwise.

Figuring out why I even want a CV.

Staying awake in class.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Getting enough work done so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Saying no to things I cannot or do not want to do

So that I can go to bed at a reasonable hour

(Is my profession the first such thing I should have said ‘no’ to?)

Telling her I want to leave her

That every minute, her face gets on my nerves

But it’s not her fault, it’s mine

And I am sorry for being a shitbag.

Telling him I am sorry –

That if I could take back the things I said

I would

But I know he prefers my silence,

So I don’t.

Listening to music other than

The one catchy number I have been playing on repeat

For the last twenty days

Because I have nothing better to listen to.


Writing well.

Writing the book I have always dreamed of,

The kind that will make you sigh and weep

Yet keep you coming back for more.

Calling my friends to tell them I love them.

Calling my brother to tell him I love him.

Calling my parents to tell them I love them.



APOBI is taking the “National” Poetry Month challenge! (Yes, in spite of law school and her long hiatus.) Follow her to see how far she succeeds in writing thirty poems in thirty days.

Today’s prompt was taken from here.



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