Five-Charm Bracelet

(Round One of my collection of poems written under 30 seconds. Also, I am aware that the image does not depict a five-charm bracelet, but it was too gorgeous to pass up, and it had no attribution requirements either.)


A Response to ‘Go With the Flow’

Holding on

To a raft

Suspended in a raging river

And listening to people

Speak of it as if

It were surfing

Blinds you to

What is needed to get through.


On  Failure

Failing, they say

May hurt, but think of yourself

As a knife

And the friction

As a whetstone.

My only concern then

Is if I sharpen myself so much

That I cut through it all

And snap at the slightest touch.


An Apian Response

I wonder sometimes

How my rage can coexist

With my desire to curl up

Into myself and weep.

Then I remember

That when a bee stings

It dies.



If you must inch away from me

Have the courage to look me unflinchingly

In the eye

Feel the pain you have inflicted

In full measure

Day by day.


What’s So Radical About Love?

I ask myself.

But then I leave my hallowed red walls

Where I find the rich man has

Pitted poor man against poor man

Lighting fires to consume

The water that they both seek to share

With neither looking

At the rich man’s belly full of it.

And then I realize

Why love is more revolutionary

Than a bullet.



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