Ad Gloriam Gentis

If you want to bring glory to the country, let your gates down

To people of white skin and black money. Let them in, tear down the

Last few barriers that protect the weakest from being preyed on

In the name of productivity. In the name of not impeding

Progress, that Mysterious Beast, who holds out

Jewels that taunt and twinkle

And tempt the rich out of their humanity and compassion.


If you want to bring glory to our country, preserve our traditions

Bundle our women up behind veils, throw them out

Of God’s house when they bleed

Snatch food from the mouths of the starving through your worship of it

And use it to leather and line your shoes.


If you want to bring glory to our country,

Point to the shiny high rises built on depleting water

With fake snow and extra large swimming pools drained

With the blood of the weakest.

Look steadfastly the other way

When someone steers you to our corners

Until their children die;

Then you can offer them toothy actresses, shiny loos

And ballot paper

In exchange for the bodies of their children.

You can offer to cover up their weak limbs and distended bellies

But you will have snatched the twinkle from their eyes


And when people ask you,

How you plan to build a nation

Of the dying women and men and people

You have neglected

You call them a human resource

And ask for a better HDI.


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